Today you can find a lot of alternatives to dairy milk which are also available and accessible to consumers.  Switching from whole milk to nut milk like vanilla almond milk will give you more calcium and less calories, depending on the brand.  If you have intolerance to dairy, this will give you relief from that and make you feel better.


Dark chocolate is a lot better than milk chocolate.  Although hard for some, you will soon find out that there is indeed a big difference between the two.  If you want chocolate that has less sugar, more antioxidants, and is less processed, then take dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.  It has richer flavor and can satisfy your chocolate cravings faster.


Instead of taking sugar take naturally occurring sweeteners like xylitol.  Naturally occurring sweeteners are not artificial so that your body can process it.  Our bodies cannot process chemically formulated sweeteners.  Chemically formulated sweeteners are worse than sugar.  You should substitute sugar for xylitol which is a natural and delicious sweetener.  When it comes to calories, it has less, but it is a lot sweeter than sugar so you should also control your intake of it. Learn about Ernährungsberatung Wien here!


Switching from soda to herbal tea or infused water may be the most difficult for people because we are already conditioned to the convenience of sugary drinks.  Although, yes, it takes time and effort to make herbal tea and infused water but you can make it ahead in large batches and keep it available in your fridge.  You can make different combinations and experiment so that things are kept interesting.


Instead of eating white rice, eat black rice instead.  There are no nutrients in white rice, just carbs.  If you eat black rice, you are supplying your body with antioxidants and nutrients which are good.  It has an amazing color and has a natural nutty flavor.


Our pasta also has vegetable substitutes.  Zucchini or shitake noodles is the best substitute for spaghetti.  For couscous you can use finely chopped cauliflower.  Here are some other foods that you can substitute to pasta: black bean spaghetti, chick peas, quinoa, carrot, and beetroot.  The Ernährungsberatung benefit to these is that they have more nutrients, less carbs, and less processed than pasta.


Take plain yoghurt instead of the flavored ones which contain a lot of sugar and are highly processed.  You can find plain yoghurts that have no sweeteners and are minimally processed.  If you want a flavored one, simply buy plain yoghurt and add a neutral sweetener or a fruit you like to it.  The flavor will be more delicious with additional freshness and texture.



Energy drinks have a lot of caffeine and sugar. They also contain artificial flavor, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners. It is only of the worst drinks with  health consequences. Better just drink a cup of coffee or tea that has caffeine to keep you going. You can also opt for fresh fruit or iced water to help you re-focus.